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CSR Committee



It is essential for a growing business to behave ethically and contribute towards the improvement of society at large. The continuous commitment to bring positive change in the lives of people should be of utmost importance while performing any activity.

General Administration


The CSR landscape is rapidly evolving and it is not a mere generous medium any more. If all the activities are aligned properly, with a constructive vision and the application of shared value approach, CSR has the power to bring fruitful changes in communities and benefits to the people at mass level.

Mr.Baskar Swaninathan

Independent Director

CSR is an opportunity for the company to give back to the society. It helps in building public trust & enhance positive relationship, promotes the growth and equitable development of the community where we live. CSR should not be about business or money; it should be about handling the responsibilities effectively for public good.

Ms.Narmadha Dinakaran

Independent Director

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a matter of great importance and relevance in today’s world. All the activities should be holistically performed for environmental protection, sustainability and better tomorrows.