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Innovation for Humanity, Mobility for Tomorrow

Innovation for the future of mankind, at the center of tomorrow's mobility. We believe in innovation not only in technological innovation, but also in transforming the mobile experience into moments of pleasure and happiness. Innovation that creates a cleaner and safer mobile environment for the next generation. That is the value we pursue. Connecting the future with mobility technology.

Management Vision

Innovation with Responsibility, Mobility by Clean Technology, Responsible innovation, realization of mobility using clean technology.

Hyundai Mobis has set 'Responsible Innovation, Realization of Mobility Using Clean Technology' as it’s mid to long-term vision for sustainable management, and is implementing responsible management for future generations. We want to lead eco -friendly management for our planet, grow together with our employees, and contribute to creating value for the local community. Accordingly, sustainability management performance will be transparently disclosed and shared with all stakeholders.



A company that develops together

Environmental protection, various sharing activities, and active communication with the local community.


Shareholders, Investors

A company that gives you confidence

Transparent and stable management, maximizing shareholder and investor value.


Partners and Distributors

Trusted partner

Establishing fair and transparent business relationships, sharing information and disseminating technology.


World countries

Transparent company

Compliance and active participation in global policy.



A company that pursues happy mobility

Improving technology, realizing the best quality, enhancing customer trust, and strengthening communication with customers.


Other stakeholders

Climate Change Response Leader

Enhancing corporate competitiveness through participation in global policies on climate change and response to climate change.



The company you most want to work for

Fair evaluation and compensation, support for professional competency development, ensuring worker safety, providing welfare benefits and creating a pleasant working environment.

Management Philosophy
We realize the dream of human society by creating a new future through creative thinking and endless challenges.

Hyundai Mobis is actively pursuing innovation as a global operator, business model innovation, and long-term new growth businesses. In order to secure a competitive edge in the global market, Hyundai Mobis is promoting open innovation, such as strategic investment in promising global technology companies and expanding collaboration with various global technology specialists. In addition, we are expanding our business scope in the new mobility service market in line with the needs of our customers, and by promoting new businesses based on innovative technologies, we plan to provide long-term growth engines in fields other than the existing automobile business, such as electrification propellants and aviation electronics in the existing UAM business. 

Core Values

Hyundai Mobis pursues the five core values of 'customer first, challenging execution, communication and cooperation, respect for talent, and global orientation' as an indicator for realizing our management philosophy and achieving our vision and as a criterion for employee behaviour and decision-making. We are striving to build a creative organizational culture that respects customers and talents, practicing challenges and cooperation, such as actively participating in group-level internalization of core values to identify the level of practice and areas for improvement. Hyundai Mobis will share and internalize the 5 core values with all executives and employees to enhance the sense of community and solidarity, thereby achieving sustainable growth and development.