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Hyundai Mobis, as a global auto parts vendor, we focus on autonomous driving, connectivity, and electrification to be a leader in the era of smart mobility. Based on three modular auto components (i.e., chassis, cockpit and front-end), we work to make driving safer and easier and offer service parts that can best serve the purpose.

We are a supplier of service parts to over 58.44 million vehicles running all around the world including Korea. To ensure the seamless supply of 2.4 million items for over 193 vehicle variants, we have large scale infrastructure including a highly advanced logistics system, which allows us to meet the needs for service parts in a prompt and accurate manner, providing an unparalleled customer experience.

Mobis India keeps improving the way service parts are supplied by, for example, rationalizing logistics hubs and launching advanced logistics systems early. It also prioritizes customer-centric operation to provide better experiences by improving how we interact and communicate with them. All these efforts are intended to meet customer expectations and demand, and we are stepping up the efforts by deploying large scale infrastructure (for logistics, inventory, and systems) to ensure the seamless supply of service parts.

Thank you. 
Lee Myeong Jae 
Head AS 
Mobis India Limited